Wednesday, January 29, 2003

A Taste of MilwaukeeSay, if you want to get a taste of my adopted home metro area (and Kevin Miller's native home metro area), tune in to Rush on Friday. The substitute host will be none other than Milwaukee talk show host Mark Belling of WISN radio.

Mark is one of the two big white talk show hosts in Milwaukee. The other is Charlie Sykes, of WTMJ. Both are conservative, with Catholic connections (Mark went to parochial schools, though hardly a poster boy for Catholic Schools Week; Charlie is a convert). Mark is pretty blustery at times and, in my mind, somewhat insensitive to the real plight of the poor. Sykes tends to lean in the libertarian direction, although he is much more careful and interested in real dialogue that Mark. Sykes has a weblog. Both can be heard online.

By the way, Bob Dolan of WISN's morning talk show Weber and Dolan is our new archbishop's brother!

I wonder if Paul (Belling's long-time silent, but often addressed and referred to producer) will be there, too?

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