Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Okay, already...
Okay, since I got an urgent, threatening e-mail from Kevin Miller insisting that he can't survive the day unless I post something, here are my current thoughts.

1) It must have been something in that chicken stuff they had in the seminary dining room yesterday.

2) Is there any way to canonize Peggy Noonan before she dies?

3) Why do these people even bother to read Envoy Encore? [See my next post for more on this, in case you are confused.]

4) My kids who are LotR fanatics and even loved the movies also loved Dave Barry's column.

5) I like the documents of the Second Vatican Council.

6) I wonder if Archbishop Dolan would come over to our house for our Seder supper on Palm Sunday?

7) Why is this site for the William whatever Ford Direct Loan Program not working right?

8) Okay, Michael Medved, Schindler's List is a great film, but was the graphic sex necessary? Really? I keep thinking about the actors involved. That's all.

Now, I need to get back to work.....

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