Friday, December 10, 2004

Renaissance paintings of the Trinity

In class today someone noted how interesting it is that so many Renaissance paintings of the Trintiy who the Father holding in his arms the dead body of the Son after He has been taken down from the Cross. The question was whether this is Eucharistic. This is especially interesting in view of one painting in which the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are in a tabernacle. But the spirit has left Jesus. It is only his body, not the "soul, body, humanity and divinity" of Christ that the Father is holding. Any thoughts?

What I think Marquette should do about the Golden Eagles vs. Warriors naming controversy

Go Warriors!

On Willingham

He should have been given the full five years.

Malloy should not have signed off on the firing, then implied that it was Jenkins' fault.

Score one for the intelligent design crowd

is the story of an atheist who found God.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


is a good article on Frank Capra's Catholic vision.

How to be at peace in your vocation

Archbishop Dolan gains this wisdom from the life and writings of John Paul II:
First of all, that I have to be a man on fire with love for Jesus Christ. I have to be a man at peace with myself and with my mission and vocation as a bishop; a man who has some very practical pastoral goals in mind that never leave my attention; a man who is not afraid, who firmly believes that Jesus is in charge of my life and that his grace is sufficient.