Sunday, June 19, 2011

On our current clerical scandal

I've tried over the years not to comment to much on current ecclesiastical events. First of all, focusing on certain aspects of the Church as it really is can be somewhat depressing. So, given this weekend's revelation (which I won't detail because it would give publicity where it doesn't need to be), the only thing I want to share comes from someone else; Fr. Longenecker at Standing on My Head Blog.
Putting your trust in a priest--not matter how wonderful he is--will always be a let down. Furthermore, it's an immature thing to do. Too often instead of doing the hard work of becoming saints ourselves we idolize someone who has become a saint or who we think is a saint. That's shallow and too easy. It's like a religious form of those teenage girls who scream and cry and faint when they see their boy pop idol. They mistake their own immature high octane emotions for real love. Likewise, when religious people idolize their parish priest or some media star they often mistake their love and admiration for that person for real religious emotion and fervor.

It's bubble gum religion, and if God takes away your idol, well then you might just turn your eyes to the one true God instead. And that would do you, and your priest a favor.
Oh, he does look kinda like him.