About Classic Catholic

Classic Catholic is blog devoted to the retrieval, or ressourcement, and promotion of Classic Catholicism for the contemporary Church. There are three areas of this retrieval: 
  • The Catholic intellectual life
  • The Catholic imagination
  • The Catholic spiritual tradition

The Classic tradition which Dr. Gotcher seeks to promote includes:

  • The best of the preconciliar Catholic intellectual and cultural revival, including the Patristic and Thomistic revival, the nouvelle theologie, the literary revivals in England, France and America, the renewal of lay Catholicism in such movements as Catholic Action and the Catholic Worker, and the liturgical, Marian, and monastic revivals.
  • The best of the Great Tradition, both east and west, including the Church Fathers, the great scholastics, the great religious orders, the Catholic tradition of liberal education and classic Catholic art and music.
  • The best of contemporary renewal movements in the life of the Church, including, but not limited to, the pontificate of John Paul II, new ecclesiastical movements, homeschooling, the renewal of Catholic higher education, the pro life movement, Caelum et Terra, and the theology of the body.