Friday, March 09, 2007

Submitted without comment

Preface I during Lent.

The ICEL translation:
Each year You give us this joyful season
when we prepare to celebrate the
paschal mystery with mind and heart renewed.
You give us a spirit of
loving reverence for You, our Father,
and of willing service to our
As we recall the great events that gave us new life in
You bring the image of Your Son to perfection within us.
Now, with angels and archangels,
The Latin:
Quia fidelibus tuis dignanter concedis
quotannis paschalia sacramenta
in gaudio purificatis mentibus expectare;
Ut, pieatatis officia et opera
caritatis propensius exsequentes,
frequentatione mysteriorum, quibus renati
sunt, ad gratiae filiorum plenitutinem perducantur.

My rough literal translation.

Because you grant to your faithful ones every year to worthily await the paschal
mysteries, longingly, in joy, with purified minds;
As they are lead to the plenitude of the grace of sons, eagerly pursuing the duties of piety and the works of charity, and frequenting the mysteries, by which they are reborn,
Therefore with the Angels….

Okay, I'm not a master Latinist. That would be my son. Tim, do you have a better translation?