Sunday, September 18, 2016

The works of mercy

I was in a church yesterday to go to confession. On one of the walls there were several banners, each with one of the corporal works of mercy on it. On the opposite wall were several other banners. I presumed they would be the spiritual works of mercy, but when I went over there to check it out, they also contained the corporal works of mercy!

I don't know the context, so I don't know why they chose to include the one and not the other. For all I know next week they are going to switch to the spiritual.

It felt funny to me, though, as if the corporal were the ones we should pay attention to. As if it is more important to feed the hungry than to admonish the sinner. I wager there are people who think that, but I also wager that it is not the mind of the Church.

It's not about Egypt

I was reading Ezekiel chapter 32 which is a dirge for Pharaoh and a dirge for Egypt. It occurred to me when reading verse 19 the the real target of the chapter is not Egypt, but the reader. The verse says, "Many peoples shall be appalled at you, and their kings shall shiver over you in horror when they see me brandish my sword and on the day of your downfall every one of them shall continuously trembles for his own life." Egypt is an example for all of us. When God chastises another perhaps the first thought that should come to mind is "Why not us? why not me?"