Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How much can we trust God to love us?

God always gives us everything we need naturally and supernaturally to gain eternal salvation AND to fulfill whatever natural or supernatural tasks He wants us to accomplish on earth, including our role in the salvation history of others. He distributes his gifts generously, profusely.

It is not always evident to us. Like the Israelites in the desert, we like to complain because we do not see how God is taking care of us.

Certainly it is not always empirically evident that God’s natural and supernatural providence is operative. Nor do our emotions always correspond to the reality. This is partly because the most real things tend to be invisible and because of our own intellectual limitations in interpreting our experience. It can also be because of the influence of the enemy and because of the effects of our sins.

We can trust Him completely and totally abandon ourselves to His providence. He even compensates for our weaknesses, imperfections, and sins if we but cast ourselves upon Him.

That is why the prayer is “Lord, have mercy!” Not “Lord, have justice!”