Friday, January 31, 2003

Archbishop Dolan: hope for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee
A friend who had been a member of this archdiocese for years, but has since moved away, asked me the other day, "Well, how's it going? Is Dolan making a difference?" My answer was that there is no obvious stuctural change that one can attribute to Dolan's presence. Heads are not rolling. He is not sending squads out to reinstall kneelers. What is he doing? He's spending a year meeting everyone in the diocese at least once (I actually think he bilocates, and I feel reallysorry for Fr. Herda, his secretary, who has to try to keep up with him), scoping the landscape, and making good friends, so that when he does act, he will have the good will and support of his people. He is also spending a lot of time with and at those institutions that felt less than supported in previous years, such as pro-life groups and, for instances, the Schoenstatt movement. He is a breath of fresh air, and fun to have around, but he is not a steamroller.

This reminds me of Fr. Johansen's post about Romanitas. By the way, it is great to see Throwback back.

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