Monday, February 10, 2003

War just or not?
James Kovacs of Integrity blog writes:
I read your "Am I being too obscure" post on your blog. I've had similar thoughts as well in expressing doubts about our justification for war with Iraq....I have had the strange experience where nearly everyone assumes because I'm not quite on the war bandwagon, that I'm either (a) a hippie pacifist, (b)assuming the Bush administration is really in this for the oil (which I find to be a downright insulting suggestion), or (c) that I just can't comprehend the threat of nuclear terrorism. It's the rare person who steps up and tries to address why I should be thinking of "grave, lasting and certain" damage differently so as to see Iraq as an imminent threat or to offer up some notions of the war-conduct and exit strategy to at least get me comfortable on the other prongs of likelihood of success and proportionality.
I'm probably a little more in favor of the war than James, but not by much.

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