Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Okay, I've had it!
In an effort to get some dialogue going in my comments boxes I've decided to make the following pronouncements:
  • Karl Rahner is a better theologian than Karol Wojtyla;
  • We should stand throughout Mass, which should be the 1962 Roman Missal;
  • We should not go to war because Bush is a commie;
  • Peter Kreeft should be made archbishop of Boston (And John Mallon should be an auxiliary);
  • I think the NOR is wrong about Scott Hahn, but not Fr. Neuhaus;
  • Who IS Adrienne Von Speyr, anyway?;
  • I'm for racial profiling of white people, especially West Allis (WI) Germans;
  • Greg Popcak is the antichrist.

Did I mention that I was thinking of auctioning off Emily Stimpson's cat?

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