Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Music Man
My first comment is why does Disney have to broadcast those ads during a supposed family show? I mean, should a six year old be exposed to the word “cross-dress?” Not to mention undulating, barely bikini clad women. And Michael Jackson umpteen times. But I hate having to send my kids out of the room every commercial break. Although it did get the dishes done. Fortunately there was a documentary on turtles on public television.

Second, if Robert Preston’s Professor Hill was a tad too cynical and hardened to undergo the kind of transformation that he’s supposed to in this movie, Matthew Broderick’s is just too dogone innocent from the git-go. Preston was a believable con-man. Broderick seems like he should still be sniffling while he is accidently breaking into DoD computer networks.

Finally, do Iowan’s like this musical? The way Iowans are treated make me think of my own reaction to the musical Oklahoma! As an Oklahoman, I’d sure hate people to think that that is the way we act and treat each other. I suppose there is a tradition of light musical in which no noblity is ever displayed, only a rising slightly above the swamp that characterizes everyday life (or, with Grease, not even that). Give me Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, or West Side Story any day.

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