Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Liberal Radio Network?
I heard on Weber and Dolan yesterday morning that a group of political liberals (in Chicago, I believe) is raising money to start a liberal radio network. It will eventually air fourteen hours of political satire and commentary a day. The first headliner will be Al Franken.

Weber and Dolan wondered whether Franken was going to be on fourteen hours a day at first, since they haven’t announced any other shows. My answer to that is to recall the old skit on Saturday Night Live which aired at the end of 1979 where Franken declaired that since the 1970’s was the “Me Decade,” then the 1980s would henceforce be known as the “Al Franken Decade.” He asked for donations to be sent to “me, Al Franken, care of NBC.” Perhaps Franken wouldn’t mind, then, if he were the only one on.

My question is, why bother starting a liberal radio network when the government, corporate sponsors and donors already provide NPR and PRI?

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