Thursday, February 20, 2003

Bishop watching
Emily Stimpson's seemingly off-the-cuff comment may be more insightful that it seems at first. Should we not have our eyes on Christ? I'm not suggesting that we ought not make a reasonable effort to hold our bishops accountable, but if scrutinizing our bishops' every action becomes our primary spiritual activity, there is something imbalanced there.

I would even go further (and become the recipient of all kinds of rancid vegetarian projectiles) by saying that even focusing too much on what the pope says and does (as much benefit as we are all receiving from the witness to hope that we have been providentially blessed with) is not what Lumen Gentium had in mind. Christ is the Lumen Gentium. It is His light that we ought to be first of all focused on. Admittedly, that is supposed to shine forth from the Church, but where in the Church? The Word taught and preached with integrity and authority (and that is done quite a bit, even if not as much as we'd like), the sacraments and the saints mostly, especially the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I think we should be sad and, to the degree justified, angry when our bishops act like weasels. I think we should express our displeasure in appropriate forum and manner. Beyond that, we should keep our eyes on Christ crucified and witness to the good things that God has done for us and for the human race.

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