Friday, January 17, 2003

More on warrior virtues
Kevin Miller says in a e-mail:

At the same time … I do think (I believe Aquinas thought) that there are even higher forms of courage, and I wonder whether that doesn’t need to be taken into account.

I will say that I don’t have a problem with people choosing as a matter of Christian witness not to bear arms.
I agree with both points and implied the latter in my original post. Kevin says he may on this later. I can only imagine that it will be a much more careful and complete presentation on the issue.

I hope to write a full-blown essay at some point including all these points and specifying relationship of manly virtues to the other virtues, especially the cardinal and theological ones. It may have to wait until next summer, however. Right now I'm tryin' to prepare three encyclopedia articles, coauthor an article on homosexual seminarians, read Luigi Giussani's The Risk of Education in preparation for a conference in April, teach two course, be a minor administrator at a seminary, homeschool two highschoolers and somehow demonstrate to my wife that I love her.

All together now: "Aawww!" (Are those violins I hear?)

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