Monday, August 08, 2011

Sunday morning t.v.

When I was a kid we went to Mass on Sunday morning. We also liked to watch Davey and Goliath as we got ready for Mass. Before that, however, was a program called Gospel Singing Jubilee which featured a lineup of southern gospel quartets and other singing groups (including, for instance, the Oakridge Boys!). The sound of those voices singing that theme song has lived on in my memory. I haven't heard it for probably forty years, until now when I ran across it on YouTube.
Jubilee! Jubilee!
You're invited to a Gospel Jubilee!
I always associated the show with being square and super-evangelical. The men singers had those Porter Wagner haircuts and gray suits and ties. Of course, I remember it in black and white, since we didn't have color television.

The clips I found on YouTube must be from the early seventies, which is somewhat later than when I was likely to have watched it. You can see that there was an attempt at being more "hip," with some "long" hair, side burns, and wide ties--and the funky lettering of the logo. The music is just the same, however.

The theme starts at 1:07.

Does anyone else remember this show?


Anne said...

I remember watching Davey and Goliath. I don't remember the Gospel Singing Jubilee, though. Robert, I'm sure we've met through Roses for Our Lady (you do come to the Holy Hours, don't you?) but I can't place you. It would be great to meet! Won't you introduce yourself to me if we ever have the opportunity to be in the same place at the same time? Blessings to you!

Robert Gotcher said...

I probably have been to one or two Roses events over the years. We are definitely on the mailing list. You can see my picture on my profile, if that helps you place me. It is a pretty good representation, although until this year I had a scruffy beard.