Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pitching inside

When the Brewers play the Cards this season, there is a lot of tension to say the least. In the last series there was a well-publicized exchange of "inside pitching" involving Albert Pujolz and Ryan Braun. From what I heard, the Pujolz "inside" pitch wasn't intentional because the Brewers didn't want him on base at the time. On the other hand, Ryan Braun was hit squarely in the back, which seemed to some (like, you know, Bob Uecker), to be clearly intentional. La Russa says "Not intentional," though.

At any rate, the pitcher who hit Pujolz in the hand was clearly pitching him high and inside to spook him even if he wasn't trying to hit him.

My question: do you think pitching inside to move the batter back is ethical?

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