Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Emeth Society

My friend and fellow theologian, from DeSales University, Rodney Howsare, mentioned on Facebook, the Emeth Society, "A Book and Film Society Promoting Catholic Culture in the Diocese of Phoenix." Wow! Would I love to be part of an effort like this!

On this page I found a link to the Biblia Clerus page, which the Congregation for the Clergy offers to help priests prepare homilies by interpreting the Bible in light of Tradition, especially the Fathers, and the Magisterium. Awesome!


Anonymous said...

Dr. G:

If I end up getting stationed in Milwaukee after ordination, let's do this.

Of course, we'll have to call it the Bonaventure Society.


Robert Gotcher said...

I'm game. When are you going to find out?