Saturday, February 27, 2010

Miriam's hymn and archeology

One of the oldest passages in the Bible is the hymn of Miriam in Ex. 15. It is such an exuberantly joyful hymn, full of astonishment. That is why it is an appropriate Easter hymn; it is sung at the Vigil.

The Roman Church also sings it on the first Saturday of the four-week psalter at morning prayer, so we prayed it this morning.

Coincidentally, I read a news article just now about the reuniting of a manuscript of this text from the 7th century. It had existed in separate part, one at Duke, the other in London. An Israeli scholar who knew of the London manuscript saw a t.v. show about the Duke manuscript and saw great similarities between the two. They are now reunited and on display.

Our family sings a song from the charismatic renewal that uses this text.
I will sing unto the Lord,
for he has triumphed gloriously,
The horse and rider thrown into the sea.

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