Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Another Moral Theologian weighs in on West

Maurizio Faggioni, OFM, of the Alphonsianum, weighs in on the Christopher West fracas. I'd have to say, I agree with what is is reported as saying in this article and think that his and Schindler's concerns need to be addressed seriously and not simply defensively by West and those that are defending him against criticism. Even if Faggioni and Schindler are wrong about some things.

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Joe said...


This statement is key,

"Moreover, Fr. Faggioni said that “it is simply not true that the traditional Catholic moral supports the use of acts that Thomas Aquinas call contra naturam -against nature- (such as anal sex) as something ordinary.”

It seems to me that there is a danger in neglecting the fact that sexual desire in fallen humanity is distorted and that a fixation on "practices," and the genitals and so forth seems to be almost a kind of fetish.