Friday, July 03, 2009

My thoughts on the culture, esp. the 60s

There was a conversation on the 60s on Maclin Horton's Blog recently. I have found it almost impossible to express the dark side of this cultural event to my children, and to explain why I react so strongly to the apparently fascination they have for this music and culture.  I look back on it as a very dark time in which Satan gained a lot of ground in our culture and destroyed, literally, a lot of lives. The list of those destroyed is large. Almost every major band was affected. Here's my partial list of individuals and groups affected.

Beatles--John Lennon, Brian Epstein
Stones--Brian Jones
Who--Keith Moon
Jimi Hendrix
Doors--Jim Morrison
Janis Joplin

Then there were those deeply wounded, but not yet destroyed.
Led Zepplin
David Crosby
John Phillips (and McKenzie by extension)
Pete Townsend
Gracie Slick 

The myth is that Woodstock is the good festival and Altimont the bad--that is simply a myth. They were both steeped in the evils of rebellion.  

Wow.  Why would I want this culture to have any influence on my children?

Interestingly, it is reading Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra that has made me more aware of the spiritual warfare that underlies our contemporary culture.

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