Thursday, May 28, 2009

Biblical Scholars

Here is an ancient critique that I think also applies to some contemporary Catholic biblical scholars. Note that St. Catherine thinks that a sign of ignorance of the grace of God is an inability to see beyond the literal meaning of Sacred Scripture. I've noted a belligerence among some biblical scholars to anything but the literal meaning.
Ignorant and proud men of science were blind notwithstanding this light, because their pride and the cloud of self-love had covered up and put out the light. Wherefore they understood the Holy Scripture rather literally than with understanding, and taste only the letter of it, still desiring many other books; and they get not to the marrow of it, because they have deprived themselves of the light, with which is found and expounded the Scripture; and they are annoyed and murmur, because they find much in it that appears to them gross and idiotic. And, nevertheless, they appear to be much illuminated in their knowledge of Scripture, as if they had studied it for long; and this is not remarkable, because they have of course the natural light from whence proceeds science. But because they have lost the supernatural light, infused by grace, they neither see nor know My Goodness, nor the grace of My servants.

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