Friday, May 22, 2009

A quandry

So, I went to St. Stan's in Milwaukee last night for Mass in the Extraordinary form of the Roman Rite. In that calendar the Ascension is still on Thursday. In this archdiocese it has been transferred to Sunday. So, when I prayed the office this morning for Friday of the Sixth Week of Easter, which antiphon do I use for the Invitatory: the one for before the Ascension, or the one for after the Ascention?


Anonymous said...

Just a guess.... the Motu Proprio allows the extraordinary form for the Eucharistic liturgy alone, and not the Divine Office. As a result, you are obliged to follow the ordinary form's Ordo for the Liturgy of the Hours.

Or, I could be wrong. I haven't taken any liturgy courses and this didn't come up in my Trinity class.


Robert Mary of the Five Wounds

Joe said...

Why not read both prayers? Or just read the prayer you enjoy the most?

Bryan said...

Art 9 of Summorum Pontificum says:

Clerics ordained "in sacris constitutis" may use the Roman Breviary promulgated by Bl. John XXIII in 1962.

I would say use the Inv. post Ascensionem as Thursday is the customary day of the Feast and the Feast is still celebrated on the Thursday in Rome.

In caritate Xp.,

Bryan Dunne