Wednesday, February 05, 2003

In a nutshell
Here is Powell's argument:
  • Even in small quantities, these weapons are an immanent threat to the international order if they are in the wrong hands
  • They are in the wrong hands in large quantities
Frankly, I was convinced on both points by his argumentation, but I'm STILL not ready to jump on the war wagon.

Here is the argument in detail:
  • We should go to war a) if there is an immanent threat to American interests or the international order and b) all other avenues have failed
  • These weapons are highly destructive even in small quantities
  • If they are in the wrong hands, they are a threat to the international order
  • Saddam Hussein a) has used them before, b) has ties to terrorists, c) has links to the intifada and d) has not cooperated with the international community.
  • Saddam Hussein is, therefore "the wrong hands."
  • He has these weapons in large quantities
  • Therefore, he poses a threat the American interests and the international order
  • All other efforts at getting those weapons out of his hands have failed
  • Therefore, we should go to war
I continue to pray for peace, especially considering my belief that he does have them and that he will use them if we attack. This is, after all, one of the reason why we aren't going to war against North Korea, nicht wahr?

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