Monday, February 03, 2003

Baby talk
My 20 month old son is sure entertaining us as he learns to talk. For instance, recently my family went to a Mass celebrated by the Archbishop. Afterwards he shook hands or gave hugs to everyone. Since then Thaddeus has been talking about how the bishop hugged him. It sounds like this: "Be-bop...hug!" I wonder if the bishop likes being know as "be-bop?"

Then, the other day when Kathy was leaving a store with Thaddeus, they passed a manager. Thaddeus said to him, "Seeya...wuhkuh ('worker')!" We have no idea where he learned the word "worker."

Everyone should have a 20 month old who is learning language. I'm reminded of Walker Percy's discussion in The Message In the Bottle about the amazing thing that happens when children finally "get" language at around the age of two. Read the book, if you haven't. It is a masterpiece.

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