Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Evil movies
I don't watch that many movies, but there are a few I've seen that have been immensely popular that I have simply hated because of what I saw as the evil message that they promoted. Here are some of the worst offenders.

Grease. The message here is that innocence and purity is bad. Women ought to become sluts so they can have power over men. I've always hated it when high schools have performed this musical.

The Breakfast Club (or anything by John Hughes). When this one came out I was in youth ministry. Many youth ministers praised it as an accurate reflection of high school life. I said, "ick." Message. To be cool, you have to conform and become a punk. Or at least smoke dope. Oh, and authority figures are always bad or fools. You should be like the besotted janitor. And nerds don't get the girl, even if they do smoke dope.

Dead Poets Society. Message: If you drive a wedge between a young person and the authorities (parents, school administrators, scholars) in his life and then he commits suicide, it is not your fault, but the authorities.

The Color Purple. Don't get me started.

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