Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Civil Rights holiday
My thoughts on a civil rights holiday in the U.S:
  • There ought to be a civil rights holiday in the U.S. The civil rights movement is just too important in our history not to honor those who struggled to achieve the equality that the Declaration of Independence invokes.

  • I would think MLK is the best choice if it weren't for his philandering. I think it is a good holiday so long as it isn't a day off, or isn't, as Kevin Miller says, a canonization of MLK, or isn't just an opportunity for America bashing. In fact, it ought to be a celebration of the fact that Americans have made great progress in civil rights and interracial relations despite deeply ingrained racism and precisely because of the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

  • Alternatives might be the day the Immanicipation Proclamation was signed, or the 1964 civil rights act or even Lincoln's birthday.

  • Finally, and tangentially, there is just NO justification for calling Bush a racist. He seems to be the least racist person in public life these days. His commitment to genuine and just diversity seems impeccable. I don't think he's EVER been a racist. If he is against affirmative action it is not because he is a racist, even if others are against it because they are racist.

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