Wednesday, December 18, 2002

This one may only be of interest to Packer fans
Here's a new one: Gotcher posting on SPORTS!

I get tired of the "I hate Bill Schroeder" crowd. He just another typical, mouthy [insert vulgar epithet] NFL player as far as I can tell. So he was kind of lippy and a little undisciplined in his play. Which would have been okay, of course, if he were a better receiver. No one would mistake him for pro-bowl status, but he WAS a walk-on, for heavens sake! I think the problems he had with the Pack say as much about the immaturity of Favre and the jerkiness of Holmgren than anything. Favre doesn't have the class of Montana. He flips people off after the game, etc. Montana (ND '78) would never do that. And Holmgren isn't dead last in the poll for favorite NFL coach for nothin'. Maybe I should replace Steve "The Homer" True on WISN radio. I like Duke Tomato, too, or at least did in the 1970s when he was with the All-Star Frogs.

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