Tuesday, December 17, 2002

The Missal of Pope Paul VI
After blogging about Buchanan I got a very strongly worded critique of Vatican II and the new missal, including the following:
the novus ordo Mass was designed by a "fifth columnist", Msgr. Annibale Bugnini, who in fact was a freemason, and when this fact was found out Pope Paul VI shipped him out to Iran to be the papal nuncio to the Shah. Bugnini was assisted by six protestants, representing Anglicanism, Lutheranism, the World Council of Churches (a front group for the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, by the way) and Taize. I invite you to compare the traditional Latin Mass (i.e., "tridentine" rite") with Cranmer's Godly Order, the heretical Anglican Mass formulated circa 1552, and today's novus ordo "liturgy". You will find that there are even bigger theological problems with the novus ordo than there were in Cranmer's Godly Order, which openly took the view that Anglican worship was a "meal" and a "memorial", not a "propitiatory sacrifice", and that worship was an "assembly of the people", not a worship of God.
I get so tired about all this carping about the defects of the new Missal. Whatever I might think about how the new Missal might have been composed (and I have lots of opinions about it), what we have is THIS one. And it is in its own way quite rich and deserving of our sustained meditation. The scripture readings are from the Word of God, for heaven's sakes! And so are the antiphons! We would all benefit from stopping all the carping and spending some time just quietly reflecting upon the ordinary, propers of the seasons and the commons of the Mass. Believe me, you can get every bit as deep a spiritual sustenance from these texts as you did from the old texts. So, I thought about spending a little time going through the new Missal (in Latin, because of the widely acknowledged defects in the ICEL translation), and try to plumb its depths. But I'm too lazy and I have a lot of obligations. So, I'll just settle for telling you all to QUIT CARPING AND BEGIN THE MORE BENEFICIAL TASK OF REFLECTING UPON THE LITURGY THAT DIVINE PROVIDENCE HAS GIVEN THE ROMAN CHURCH IN THE WAKE OF VATICAN II!

There! I feel much better.

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