Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Where Silence is Praise
Has anyone ever read Where Silence Is Praise: From the Writings of a Carthusian, published by Cistercian Publications (Kalamazoo)? It is a book of extended meditations on the spiritual life. It is very straightforward and deep. An example at random:

In every redeemed soul miracles of grace have been accomplished. Baptism has freed us from bondage, while the sacrament of penance liberates us again when we fall back into it.
But these wonders are purely spiritual, and make no impression on us, so profoundly are we under the spell of the senses. We are like the blind, confronted with the loveliest of scenes. We say: 'It is nothing', whereas what we ought to say is: 'I see nothing, because I lack the necessary organs of vision'.
Let us ask God to give them to us, because there is nothing so beautiful and so delightful as the inward scenes and hidden mysteries of the life of the spirit.

A review from some Anglican Franciscans. More Carthusian books here.

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