Friday, August 16, 2002

What goes around, comes around: or, why I almost never buy books
I FINALLY found another copy of Bishop Francis X. Ford's Come, Holy Spirit, which I read with a great deal of benefit several years ago, but then somehow lost track of my copy. It was on the free book shelf at the seminary library. I almost never actually buy books. What, with the free bookshelf at Sacred Heart, Marquette, and the .10c, .50c table at St. Paul Seminary, I've had little need. What I got today included: Augustine's Confessions, The Documents of Vatican II (Flannery), Thomas Howard's Chance or the Dance?, Langenscheidt's German-English, English-German dictionary, Herman Wouk's This is My God, The New World Dictionary-Concordance to the New American Bible, Bruce Vawter's 2 vol. The Four Gospels, The RSV, the JB, John Bright's History of Israel, A Catholic Commentary on the Holy Scriptures (from the 1950s), and a dozen other great titles that would equally cause you to envy me (unless you already have the books).

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