Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Morning Prayer
The petitions for morning prayer of Monday in the first week of the psalter is introduced with the following phrase: "We esteem Christ above all men, for he was filled with grace and the Holy Spirit. In faith, let us implore him:"

Doesn't that seem a tad Arian to you? I esteem Christ above all men primarily because he is the Incarnation of the Second Person of Blessed Trinity. The Blessed Virgin Mary too was filled with grace and the Holy Spirit. Is she Christ's equal? Doubt it. Here is the Latin, for you Latin scholars. "Christum magnificemus, plenum gatia et Spiritu Sancto, et fidenter eum imploremus." The word "for" is not there, and the word used is "magnificemus," which doesn't quite mean "esteem" and which Mary herself used in the Magificat (at least its Latin translation). It does seem odd even in the Latin that grace and the Holy Spirit are mentioned, but not Christ's divinity. So ICEL was in a sense faithful to the Latin.

Now, if I were writing the liturgy and doing the translation I'd.........................(10 hours of arrogant ranting later)...and furthermore, I'd make sure that the priest......(and so on).

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