Friday, August 30, 2002

CCC: Keepa ya hands off!
The received wisdom in the RE Establishment is that the Catechism is too hot to handle for the ordinary layperson and especially for young people. Too complex. It will confuse them. It will scare them away.

Tell my daugher and her friends about it. Last year a small group of high school sophomores and juniors (plus an eighth grade "auditor") met at our house to go through the first two parts of the CCC together. From what I could figure, they seemed to do just fine. We will do parts III and IV this year. I sure hope I don't ruin their faith by exposing them to a clear, systematic presentation of what the Church actually teaches.

Of course, Therese is also reading Chesterton, Sheed and the Imitation of Christ. More ruination in the making.

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