Tuesday, December 09, 2014

A renewal of this blog?

The original purpose of this blog was to write about classic Catholic literature. Being a great bookie from way back, I am keenly sensitive to what I perceive to be a wall between contemporary Catholics and the classic sources of our faith. That is why I am so attracted to the ressourcement authors, especially Henri de Lubac. I have even written a blog post for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee about "The Wall."

My intention is to reinvigorate this blog with a renewal of its original focus. I won't limit myself to literature. I will refer to the diversity of cultural expressions, including art, music, architecture, theater, ethnic customs, even movies. I say "even movies' because I'm not an avid movie watcher.

I am going to avoid addressing contemporary "issues," such as how to interpret Pope Francis or how to respond pastorally to homosexuality or divorce, unless something from a classic text sheds some light on the issue.

I acknowledge that my focus is going to make my blog less popular than others.  However, I will occasionally address pop culture, as is my want.

Yeah, I know I've "revived" this blog before. Just pray that I can keep it up.  If you want me to, any way.

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