Thursday, May 29, 2014

What do I post about?

This blog is dedicated to the promotion of what I call classic Catholicism. I hope to help the Church keep in touch with her roots in the great spiritual, cultural and intellectual tradition which marks the past 2000 years of Church history.

I looked at my tags yesterday to see how I was doing.  I sorted them according to the number of times I used each tag. Here is the top ten:

Classic Texts         139
Books                    111
Liturgy                   93
spirituality              88
intellectual life       85
ethics                      63
saints                       61
literature                 60
Catholic Education 58

20th century
Catholic Literature  55

It looks like I'm dong a pretty good job of staying focused.  Of course, there is some overlap in these numbers because a post can be about more than one topic.

One thing I found interesting is that I've posted more on Chesterton (17) than Lewis (12), and more on Lewis than Tolkien (8). This is the reverse of my interest in and opinion of these great authors.  

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