Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Spirituality and mental health

I heard a report on the BBC Wuhld Suhvice this morning about a study done in England and Wales that indicates that people who are "spiritual," but not "religious" are more prone to mental illness such as depression than either "religious" people or "secular" people. They did  a follow-up study that showed that "spiritual" people who are mentally healthy are more likely to succumb to some kind of mental illness in the following year. I wonder whether one who is spiritual without a religion is more susceptible to the influence of malevolent spiritual forces because they don't have the "protection" that a society with a tradition of spiritual discernment and combat has.


Anthony Lilles said...

Dear Robert - this is very interesting. Do you know a source for this study?
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I think that been spiritual it doesn't mean you believe that is 1 God, The Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
All the spiritual believes have some New age thing in it and that it's not from God .
There is a great article in the Vatican page,
"Jesus Christ the bearer of the water of life"
Every follower of our Lord Jesus Christ should wread it.
God bless you.