Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mortimer Adler and a just economy

Through a convoluted series of links that began on Mark Shea's blog, although I can't figure out where, I came across this 1958 recording of a Mike Wallace interview with Mortimer Adler, the co-founder of the Great Books program at the University of Chicago and long-time editor of the Encyclopedia Britannica and The Great Books of Western Civilization. In it he discusses the necessity of broadening capital ownership in order to maintain a truly politically free society.

Any great bookie like me will always have a sense of sympathy with Adler. While not full-blown distributism, what he proposes does emphasize diffuse ownership of capital among the workers. What he says makes sense, although I don't know how to implement it. Apparently the Center for Economic and Social Justice does. It is called "Capital Homesteading." I asked an economist I know who tends to prefer a Scandinavian model of national economy what he thinks about the idea of capital homesteadning. I haven't heard back from him. I'll let you know.

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