Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Catholics and the Bible

In my mind, we Catholics are overly defensive about our supposed deficiency in knowledge of scripture. Granted, we don't know chapter and verse very well (and that we should know it better), we have to keep two things in mind:

1) The dogmatic structure of Catholicism is biblical. It was developed by the Church Fathers and the magisterium as a systematic intellectual support for and expression of biblical Christianity. There is not an opposition between the two, but rather a complementarity. Anyone who knows Catholic dogma knows the deep structure of the biblical message.

2) The Catholic life, especially the sacramental life, is deeply biblical. The Mass (including the Extraordinary Form) is saturated with Scripture through and through. The Rosary is a biblical prayer par excellence. Even the two mysteries that aren't technically biblical flow from the an authentically biblical doctrine about our Lady. The art and architecture of the Catholic cultural heritage screams Scripture. Those who live the Catholic life don't just know a book, we live in the world of the book.

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