Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Month of Mary

[updated] We think of May as the month of Mary and October as the month of the Rosary. It occurred to me the other day, however, that the most Marian month on the Roman calendar is the period between August 14th and September 15th. This includes:

  • 14: Optional memorial of Maximilian Mary Kolbe, priest and martyr. Vigil of the Solemnity of The Assumption.
  • 15: Solemnity of The Assumption of Mary.
  • 19: Optional memorial of John Eudes, priest, founder of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary).
  • 20: Memorial of Bernard, abbot and doctor, author of the Memorare.
  • 22: Memorial of The Queenship of Mary.
  • 8: Feast of The Birth of Mary.
  • 12: The Holy Name of Mary.
  • 15: Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows.


Timothy said...

Don't forget the Holy Name of Mary on September 12 that Pope John Paul II restored to the calendar in 2002.

Fr Bob said...

Thank you for including St. Maximilian, Dr. G!

Robert Gotcher said...

Of course!