Friday, April 17, 2009

ND Center for Ethics and Culture call for papers

The Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture have announced the theme for their fall conference in November: "The Summons of Freedom: Virtue, Sacrifice, and the Common Good." The focus seems to be on the importance of virtue in the fulfilmment of our humanity in freedom. Here is a link to their call for papers.

We welcome the submission of abstracts drawing on a wide range of moral and religious perspectives and academic specialties. Special consideration will be given to submissions of ideas for panel discussions that would bring together several people to discuss a focused theme. Possible issues to be explored are:

  • the natural law and American democratic government
  • analogous senses of the common good
  • special demands on courage in contemporary culture
  • the multiple threats of individualism
  • philosophical and theological inquiries into the virtues
  • the riches of Catholic social teaching
  • the global economic crisis and the situation of late modern capitalism
  • the secularization of contemporary culture
  • imagining the common good: what the arts contribute
  • the fate of Europe
  • stewardship over nature: what does it entail?
  • Catholic approaches to the common good: Maritain, McInerny, and
  • “Whose common good?”: the unborn, the barely born, the disabled,
    and the elderly
  • freedom and its relation to truth
  • Pope Benedict on charity and hope
  • the Christian Democratic movement in 20th Century politics
  • Elizabeth Anscombe and the virtue revolution in ethics
  • the sacrifices of family life

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