Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Mary's in Port Washington

I'm not smart enough to be like "Lucy," of City of Steeples or the Holy Whapping gang, reporting on churches I've visited with photos and very knowledgeable details. I do want to comment on a church my wife and I happened upon while in Port Washington, Wisconsin the other day. Just north of downtown Port Washington, which is right on Lake Michigan, on a little hill is a Gothic revival church, St. Mary's. The parish is over 150 years old. I don't know what year the church was built, but it is very stately. The work around the altars is white, rather than the Bavarian woodwork I'm used to at St. Anthony's in Milwaukee. There are paintings on the side walls in the sanctuary. The one I was able to identify was the Annunciation, so a presume the others are also paintings of events in St. Mary's life.

What I wonder is how church's choose which saints to have statues of. For instance, St. Mary's has St. Henry, St. Barbara, St. Dominic, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, among others. They also have, in the back in a corner, a small shrine to Our Lady of Consolation. Which consists of a very porcelain doll like St. Mary with a blue, Infant of Prague like dress, holding the baby Jesus, who is also dressed in a similar "dress," The funny thing is his little, chubby feet sticking out from under his skirt, just dangling there.

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