Saturday, March 28, 2009

Modern minimalism

I don't usually just point to an entry on another blog, but this one by Matt of the Holy Whapping is so good and so corresponds to my own thoughts on the subject that I can't resist.  I especially agree with the reviewer's point about an almost Gnostic fixation "with disembodied ideas and concepts."  Precisely. The dualism of Descartes takes it revenge in the Bauhaus.  

I also find this about nudity to be insightful: "I see nothing wrong with being 'modern' if that means adapting old designs to new realities and bringing forth new beauty, but I don't see why that means knocking off all the interesting bits off a building and leaving it a inhuman cube. Humans cannot stand that much "reality." Like nudity, [modern cubist, bare bones architecutre] is more often a sin against charity than chastity, more disappointing than attractive, once the initial novelty wears off."

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