Friday, August 15, 2008

From the "you just never know" department

Love2Learn Mom at Studeo warned in a recent post about some new sidebar widgets on Blogger thar are racy and therefore not appropriate for younger bloggers. From her post I had the notion that these widgets were "R" rated, which would have caused me to take some kind of action. As it is, many of the blogs on blogger contain lots of foul language and explicit sexual content, but that can be avoided by simply not browsing through the blogs. On the other hand, if you are a young blogger setting up a new blog and go to these widgets, you might be exposed to things you shouldn't be. The most racy widgets I noticed were of the swimsuit pin-up variety. I don't know if she saw any worse ones, but that is bad enough when it comes to the innocence of our youth, especially our boys, not to mention us.

There are some really cool new widgets, though, such as the phases of the moon one and the Astronomy Picture of the Day one.


Love2Learn Mom said...

Yes, there were worse than swimsuit pint-ups. They were a few pages in and they may have been taken down by now.

There are some VERY cool ones, like Chesterton quotes and such (and apparently you can make your own).

Love2Learn Mom said...

Oh, and I run my browser without a filter (precisely because I review this kind of stuff for families I want to know what I'm seeing when I go to a link), so those with a filter might not see the worst of it.