Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Angelicum Academy

Here is a home schooling organization that I have never heard of before today. Catholic, Great Books, Classical. My only concern is the assumption that the liberal arts are completed by eighth grade! I think both logic and rhetoric don't really get learned until a child is in high school and they should be formall taught in high school. Perhaps their material is more trivium-focused than it seems. One thing the socratic, great books method does not emphasize is formal rhetorical analysis of the works being treated, which not only helps in understanding, but helps a student himself learn how to use language.


Joe said...


If you had a list of top 10 children's, young person's, literature that you would recommend for educating youngsters, what would you recommend? BTW, Piedmont College, is very home school friendly.

Robert Gotcher said...

There is no way to limit it to ten!

Joe said...

Well, okay then. What are some titles that first come to mind?