Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Jung and Christianity
My daughter is doing a senior paper on Christian womanhood (Ah! the glories of home schooling!) As a resource for her I checked out a book by Ronda Chervin called Feminine, Free & Faithful. One thing I notice is that she relies somewhat on the wholeness theory of Carl Jung. Over the years I have become very skeptical about the applicability of Jungean ideas to Christianity, especially after having read Richard Noll's The Jung Cult. I've had arguments with some fellow orthodox theologians about this. I also noticed that those charismatics who relied most heavily on Jung also tended to drift into a kind of new agy spirituality, with a lot of imaging and dream work and all that. What do you average of 15 who read me daily think about this?

By the way, does anyone have any other suggestions for resources for my daughter's paper? I've had her read Mulieris Dignitatem.

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