Monday, September 23, 2002

Another Week of Rollicking Blogging Begins
I'm back after the usual weekend hiatus. Unfortunately, I just don't have good enough internet connection at home to permit the luxury of blogging there.

Friday the Marquette Communio circle met at the Jes Res. We discussed Brian Daley's article about Patristic exegisis of the Scriptures taken from the Spring 2002 issue. The upshot for us was that whatever method one uses to read the Sacred Scripture, the goal is to allow the reader to more deeply enter into the mysteries revealed there. The idea is for the world of the Sacred Scripture to become more and more our world, the words to become our words. Inasmuch as the historical-critical method can help us do that, it is good.

On another note, I plan soon to start a series of entries on what I think would be a good idea in a effort to reform the reform of the liturgy. Stay tuned! I'm opinionated on this one! Think of this as a series like Emily Stimpson's Why the Church Rocks Even When Her Children Bite? series or Michael Dubruiel's series on the 73 Steps to Communion with God. I'm beginning to compose the entries now, but won't start until I get a few good entries under my belt.

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