Thursday, August 08, 2002

An Apt Description of St. Dominic with Some Applicability to the Church at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Taken from the Dominican Office.

From the sermon by Savonarola:

"Blessed Dominic was holy and learned in doctrine. But someone may say: “I learn thoroughly that I may preach in a holy manner.” Today, because the office of preaching is an office held in great honor, our priests all desire to preach and they study sermon books and other subjects to edify all the people by their speaking. I may accomplish some good in the Church. But what follows? During his lifetime he repaired the house of God, that is, during the temporal course of his life. The life of a sinner is not a life but a death. Say therefore, “during his holy life,” that is, through his life and good example.
"Beseech, beseech the Lord to send good and holy priests who will repair the house, that is, the whole Church which is on the verge of a great fall."

Note: Remember how Savonarola ended his life? Moral reformers aren't too popular.

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