Friday, March 16, 2007

Tim translates the Preface

Here is what he said:

Here's my preliminary translation.

Because you [worthily] grant to your faithful ones every year [worthily] to await the paschal sacraments in joy, with purified minds: so that, striving more willingly after the duties of piety and the works of charity, by frequenting the mysteries by which they are reborn, they may be led to the fullness of the grace of sons.

It's actually "dignanter," not "dignantur," but I wasn't sure if it applied to "concedis" or "expectare." It can mean "worthily," but it can also mean "courteously," so maybe we're saying it's nice of God to let us wait for Easter. Or else, which kind of makes more sense, it does refer to us and our worthiness to await the paschal sacraments.

"Ut" actually introduces a purpose clause, which is why "perducantur" is subjunctive.

If you have any more questions, go ahead and ask 'em. This isn't easy Latin, especially since it's ecclesiastical, which means you have to adopt a separate worldview and vocabulary from Classical Latin.

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