Monday, February 12, 2007

Karate Kid

My wife and 15 year old son are half way through watching The Karate Kid. I like it because it shows the best way for a fallable older person to hand on the truths of a wisdom tradition to a younger person. On the other hand, I recall being dissatisfied with the ending because Daniel (with an “l”) chooses to go back into the ring with Johnny against the opinion of his mentor that he had already accomplished what he was supposed to in the fight. I sensed a rearing of an ugly, American reliance on violence and revenge that I presumed to be contrary to the Karate tradition that Mr. Myagi was trying to hand one. On the other hand, Daniel’s motivation is honorable—the protection of the dignity of a woman. Now that I’m watching it again 23 years later I wonder if I will make the same judgment. Stay tuned.

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