Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dawn Eden's Thesis on Christopher West's interpretation of the theology of the body

Dawn Eden is making available her thesis on Christopher West's interpretation of the theology of the body, which she successfully defended at the Dominican House of Studies in D.C. recently. If you are a priest or work for the Church you can get it for free. Otherwise, she's asking $10 to support her doctoral work.

I've made comments on this issue before here and at HMS Weblog (You can do a search to find the posts by me and, on HMS, by others). I really look forward to reading this, so that my own critique can be better grounded. May she experience success in her doctoral studies at CUA.

I wonder if there are any other rock journalists out there I should rely on for my theological work?


Anonymous said...

Dawn has closely linked herself with Steve Kellmeyer, and is showing her obsession with West with this poorly written thesis. Here's a balanced critique:

Robert Gotcher said...

I usually don't like anonymous posts, but I'm leaving this up because the link is interesting. Since I haven't read Eden's thesis yet, I can't comment on these criticism.

I must say, though, I am growing to dislike the "running comment" genre of blog posts. Fr. Z. does this as well. I think a better way of responding to a piece (which is written as an organized whole) is to write an organized whole response. That, at least, is what scholarly protocol demands.

Also, she not only is aligning herself with Kellmeyer, but with David Schindler and others.

I make no judgment on her thesis or on this critique. I hope to get a chance soon to read it carefully.